2021 Milton Elections: Candidate Websites, Facebook Pages, and Patch Profiles

For easy reference, following is a complete compilation of the candidate websites, Facebook pages, and candidate profiles posted at The Patch.

District 1 Candidates:

Jami Tucker:

Tucker Website

Tucker Facebook

Tucker Patch Profile

Note: Original Facebook and candidate website links have been updated to reflect candidate’s current active sites. The links should now work.

Andrea Verhoff:

Verhoff Website

Verhoff Facebook

Verhoff Patch Profile

Adam D’Anella:

D’Anella Website

D’Anella Facebook

D’Anella Patch Profile

District 2 Candidates:

Juliette Johnson:

Johnson Website

Johnson Facebook

Laura Bentley:

(Laura has withdrawn from the race. However, her political Facebook page is still active.)

Bentley Website

Bentley Facebook


Peyton Jamison (running unopposed):

Jamison Website

Jamison Facebook

Jamison Patch Profile

District 3:

Jacobus Patch Profile