About The Author

I am including my biography to provide readers with a sense of why I care about good governance in Milton and my experience and expertise with governance.

I grew up in south Georgia in a rural area outside Dudley, GA (population: around 500). I graduated from West Laurens Senior High School. My experience growing up in a rural area gave me a deep appreciation for true community, where people care about and help each other. And where a person’s word is their bond. I understand that true community is about what is in people’s hearts.

I graduated from Mercer University in Macon, GA with a double major (in History and Psychology), while working up to 30 hours per week (as a university-employed tutor and as a law clerk for Sell & Melton) to pay for college.

After Mercer, I pursued post-graduate education at the University of Georgia to prepare myself for entry into the US Navy’s Nuclear Submarine Officer program. Upon being accepted to the Navy, I spent 2 years in training, including a year of graduate-level education in all aspects of operating and maintaining a nuclear power plant.

Upon graduating from the Navy’s nuclear training program, I was assigned to the USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN 658)–a ballistic missile submarine deploying from Kings Bay, GA. I completed five strategic deterrent patrols (each 70 to 80 days in duration) on the Vallejo, spending over a year in total underwater. I was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for my service on the Vallejo. While on the Vallejo, I qualified for the chief engineer position on nuclear submarines.

I concluded my 8 years with the Navy in Pensacola, Florida where I oversaw nuclear programs for the Navy’s Reserve Officer Training Program. I was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal for my service in this role. And it was in Pensacola where I met Kelly, my wife, who was a Navy Public Relations officer and who served nearly 12 years in the Navy. (We have 2 wonderful daughters who are both middle school teachers.)

It was my Navy experience that defined me more than anything I have done in my life. It was a wonderful experience for a young person in his mid- to late twenties. I learned the value of discipline, unquestionable integrity, process rigor, resilience, and strict accountability. I witnessed acts of real courage.

Upon leaving the Navy, I worked for a year for Halliburton as a Nuclear Restart Engineer, leading large, multi-functional teams in performing operational readiness reviews of nuclear plants for the Department of Energy.

Upon leaving Halliburton, I was awarded a full scholarship from Georgetown University, where I earned my MBA and was a Research Scholar, working with two professors and the business school’s Assistant Dean on various research projects.

After graduation in 1993, I joined AT Kearney, a management consulting firm. Kelly and I moved to Milton where we raised two wonderful daughters, who are now both middle school teachers. After 2.5 years with Kearney, I joined Accenture where I was eventually promoted to partner. My primary practice area was Business Strategy. In this role, I worked with senior executives and boards of directors to help define and operationalize their organizations’ strategies.

In 2003, I exited Accenture to become an independent consultant, continuing my focus on Business Strategy. My clients include ABB, John Deere, Flowers Foods, and Walmart. Most recently, I worked with the senior leadership of Auburn University, Highlands College, and the University of Memphis to define their 20-year strategies. I am especially proud of this work in higher education. Following are links to these schools’ strategic plans:

AU Strategic Plan

HC Strategic Plan

University of Memphis Strategic Plan

My Business Strategy consulting often requires me to focus on issues of organizational governance. And in doing this work, I have worked with dozens of boards of directors. I have also served on 2 organizational boards, including the Association for Supply Chain Management–the largest supply chain trade organization in the world.

I have authored 40 articles and white papers on a variety of business topics that have appeared in professional journals.

Through my work with the senior leadership and boards (of directors) of 60+ organizations, I have gained a deep understanding of, and appreciation/passion for, good governance. I understand what good governance is . . . and is not. And it is this knowledge, experience, and passion that has infused my advocacy on behalf of citizens.

Following is a link to my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timbecker/