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Spotlight on Local Milton Businesses: Urban Tea


September 7, 2017

Today’s post has nothing to do with our focus on good governance and smart land use.  Rather, my wife and I visited a wonderful Milton business that I thought I’d share with you.  We like the notion of supporting local businesses 1) to keep Milton’s commercial districts healthy and 2) to keep tax dollars flowing into our city’s coffers.

The business is Urban Tea.  It is a family-owned, one-of-a-kind store that sells over 100 different teas.  You can also order various tea drinks to go.  Or alternatively, there is a large Communi-Tea table (seats 10) at the rear of the store, where you can sit and enjoy tea service.  We did a tea tasting, which included 6 pots of tea for each person, which is more tea than one can possibly drink.  You can choose 6 teas from over 100 on their menu.  The pots are brought to you individually.  A scone with jam and cream is included.  The scones come from Seven Sisters Scones in Johns Creek, another one-of-a-kind, family business.


Urban Tea is located on Windward Parkway in the same shopping location as Five Guys and Chipotle—just south of the Home Depot.  The store is wedged between 2 larger stores; it is no more than 12 feet wide, so is easy to miss.  The service and tea itself were both excellent.  It is so nice to have such a wonderful specialty store located within the confines of our city.  If you enjoy tea, I highly recommend Urban Tea.  It is important to support our local Milton businesses.

Urban Tea Website

Urban Tea Facebook Page


Tim Becker


Note:  Regarding yesterdays’ blog post on the 9-11 remembrance at Milton High School, I wanted to alert you that Cambridge High School will also set out nearly 3000 flags on its front lawn.  Volunteers are needed to set up the display on September 9th at 4 pm. A remembrance book will provided near the memorial where visitors can write memories of that day.

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