Pages Added to Blog: Candidate Guide; About Author; My Story

Today’s blog post is brief. I have added 3 pages to my blog. You will have to go to the blog to view these pages. They are included in the dropdown menu. Links to each page are provided below.

First, for your convenience, I have provided a consolidation of all the candidate websites and Facebook pages that are currently available.

2021 City Council Elections: Candidate Websites and Facebook Pages

Second, I have provided a brief biography about me so that readers better understand why I care about City government and my experience/expertise in good governance.

About the Author

Third, I have provided a page that provides my story about my involvement in Milton politics. This is an on-going project. I have provided an initial posting on my initial introduction to City politics. I will add to this story over time, so please return for subsequent chapters.

About My Involvement in Milton Politics: A History

Advocating For Good Governance,