Show Up! Stand Up! Speak Up! (Republished blog post from June 2016)

Following is one of my favorite blog posts.  The passion of citizens is clear and strong in their comments appended to the Milton Coalition petition.  My hope is that the new council members that will be seated in January 2022 understand citizens’ desires for a land-use process that is rigorous, fair, citizen-centric, respectful of the law, and preserves Milton rural heritage.

Advocating for Citizens,



Citizens of Milton:

Today’s blog post is dedicated to you.

Our petition currently stands at 1,725 signatures, with 605 of you leaving comments.  This is an amazing citizen achievement given that we launched the petition less than 4 weeks ago.  Thank you for your engagement and your outpouring of support.

The Milton Coalition is pleased to serve the citizens by providing a platform for both your concerns and aspirations for Milton.  Your efforts are making a difference.  However, we need for you to continue to be engaged.  Tonight is the culmination of all we have been working toward.  The residents of Ebenezer Road need our help in denying a reckless rezoning on their street that they nearly unanimously oppose.  This rezoning would set a very bad precedent for Milton.  Cluster housing in rural areas of our City is not who we are or what we want.  Please come tonight to speak in opposition to this reckless rezoning.  City Council’s meeting starts at 6 pm in Council Chambers at Milton City Hall, 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Suite 107 Milton, GA 30004.  Together, we can drown out the small group of loud and shrill voices that have dominated land use discussions in Milton for far too long.  For a change, it is time for your voice to be heard.

We are closing today’s blog entry by letting you speak.  Following are all the comments (uncensored) from the petition.  These comments have been sent to each council member.  Hopefully, they will listen to you–the citizens–and deny the 745 Ebenezer Road rezoning.  Thanks again for you support and engagement.

The Milton Coalition

Milton Coalition Petition Comments (as of June 19, 2016)

  1. I have no idea why the council would even entertain a proposal which violates Milton’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan. City planning staff and the Planning Commission all voted against it.  Approving it will certainly have repercussions for city council members in future elections.
  2. I am opposing any zoning changes, variances, or other schemes that result in homes on less than one acre in un-sewered areas. Milton is uniques and we need to avoid the development that ruins our quality of life. Milton is fast becoming a pass through from Cherokee residents headed to 400.
  3. Please don’t change the standards of our rural community !
  4. This is not what Milton residents want for our city.
  5. “I pay my taxes to keep a green city and an average classroom for my kids… NOT overloaded neighborhoods or classrooms” 🙂
  6. 1/4 acres are just too small for Milton
  7. 1/4 lots on AG 1 zoned land is not appropriate for Milton; not now, not ever. Nor is community septic okay for Milton.  Both of these items will bring higher density to rural Milton. Citizens do not want small lots on AG 1 zoned land.
  8. 1994 Bethany Way
  9. About time we take back this city
  10. Absolutely no cluster housing!
  11. Absoutely!!!!
  12. Against
  13. Against cluster housing
  14. Against cluster housing. Preserve rural Milton please!
  15. against the rezoning
  16. Any/all new construction in this area is RUINING it!! My commute to work has DOUBLED in the last few years and it’s absolute crap! We moved away from our old house because traffic was so bad and this area is going to suffer the same fate! Rural Milton or ‘rural’ in general will cease to exist if builders continue to construct neighborhoods on every piece of land they get their hands on. I am all for the construction industry, but do not change a rural area into high density housing strictly for money! It’s disgusting. Keep the city in the city and the country in the country. I do not want more neighbors, and I especially do NOT want more people on the roads. Two lane roads are for low traffic volumes, let’s keep it that way!
  17. Are you kidding no way not enough service roads and schools
  18. Area can not handle the traffic .what is the point of having a milton . We were told that it would keep milton the rural area that we all loved and appreciated. What happened to that???
  19. As a new resident to Milton I am against cluster housing. We moved from Smyrna where Cluster housing is the norm and a huge reason we chose Milton was there was no evidence of cluster housing present. There is something much more beautiful about driving scenic farm roads that bring a sense of safety, love, and security that will be lacking with large cluster home communities. Please preserve Milton!
  20. As owner of a 130 acre working cattle farm on Dorris Road, and as 30-year residents, my wife and I are in strong opposition to the introduction of high density housing in an area that would dramatically change the character of Milton forever and worsen the traffic issues which already exist today.
  21. Aside from the fact that cluster housing looks terrible and is not what the City of Milton is about, the roads in this area do NOT support such increases in traffic that cluster housing brings!!
  22. Bill Lusk & Karen Thruman you should be ashamed of yourselves!
  23. Blue Valley Subdivision SAYS NO
  24. building high volume family homes in a small lot affect local residents. We have seen this happening in recent years.  This is not good for local residents.
  25. Building on land that would normally not be of interest to developers is not conservation. The land would be conserved on its own for lack of financial gain for a developer.
  26. Changing the standards for the community now is a very slippery slope driven by short term gains. Milton is a great community.  Let’s maintain standards and demand more of ourselves as citizens and leaders when pressured with requests serving the interests of only a few.
  27. City Council needs to listen to its constituents. Houses on less than 1 acre will look out of place in low density areas of Milton.  These rezonings are accelerating already overheated development in Milton.
  28. City Council needs to listen to the citizens.
  29. Cluster homes do not belong in Milton
  30. Cluster homes do not belong in Milton! Strongly oppose any zoning changes that would permit high density housing and community septic in our area. This is in direct contrast with current AG-1 zoning intended to preserve the rural nature and beauty known to Milton.
  31. Cluster housing is a cancer that needs to be infrastructure is struggling to support its current citizens and high density construction is going to place an even greater load on the system. Furthermore, these small houses on small lots hurt neighbors with larger homes by creating an imbalance in the property taxes paid by residents. It is unfair to existing property owner, who bought conventional sized Milton lots to have to pick up the additional tab for the tiny house nation. These high density houses each represent a family with sewer, water, police, fire and road access needs. Their tax contribution (much reduced) to new infrastructure will inevitably have to subsidized by those already living on larger lots.  Truly unfair.
  32. Cluster housing will destroy the natural beauty of Milton. Not only will cluster housing pollute our town visually,  The high density housing will create traffic gridlock on our small country roads and many four way stop intersections.  How many traffic lights are the builders going to add as infrastructure to support their profiteering developments?  These developments directly change the character of our unique small town.
  33. cluster housing will increase density as it sets a precedent for the introduction of community septic which paves the way for high density. Preserve rural milton, many members of which do not live in Milton, are positively wrong in their foolish assumptions. Look no further than alpharetta and southern Roswell for your real world examples of “density creep”. Lets not let the poor judgement of Preserve rural milton community activists, whose hidden agenda is bringing high density to milton,  RUIN our beautiful community!
  34. Cluster housing, community septic systems and new sewer extension in Milton = increased traffic, loss of rural farmland and forests. Vote “No” on “Re-zonings” or Milton will see more developers strip the land just like the new 27 house development under construction across from Cambridge High School. We can’t allow this to happen again where so many mature trees are cut down to build cluster houses.
  35. Cluster housing. Isn’t this is in direct conflict with Miltons Comprehensive Land Use Plan?
  36. Come on guys, do the right thing on this. Look around, you know what Milton is going to look like 3-5 years from now if you don’t step up and protect the land that’s left.
  37. Community septic systems do not benefit  current Milton residents in any way.  I noticed that the majority of those in favor of this at the city council meeting were not even Milton residents, but instead septic companies, developers, etc. We will soon look like the east side of 400 and that is not what we signed up for when we choose Milton as our home.  Nothing about this idea is attractive or beneficial to Milton residents and that is very easy to see.
  38. Council members should be embarrassed for voting in favor of an ordinance that both city planning staff and the Planning Commission unanimously opposed. This reeks of back room deals and shady politics.  You were elected to represent the will of your constituents; not the will of the highest bidder.  If this rezoning is approved again on June 20th, all Council members voting in favor should be investigated and removed from office.
  39. Crooked creek ‘s community septic caused smell and pollution to streams! Why promote rural character of Milton and then allow high density housing??
  40. Dear City Council Members, as you are all VERY aware this extending of sewer lines in Milton is what we are all against.  We have the only unique area in all of Atlanta.  This is what our Council folks are there to protect.  DO YOUR JOB, do not allow developers to keep building.  And most importantly no sewer!!!!!!!
  41. Deny this rezoning
  42. Development in Milton is out of control. We will be just as congested as the east side of 400 soon unless some limits are placed.  The 2 lane country roads cannot handle the traffic.  Don’t forget that the county still owns 100 acres on Freemanville road which could become the 3rd high public school in a 5 mile radius in addition to Kings Ridge
  43. Did not move to Milton and pay Milton taxes to have cluster homes next door
  44. Disappointed in our local leaders
  45. Do not allow ANY development other than the 1 house per acre!
  46. Do not allow beautiful Milton to turn into another city full of cluster housing!
  47. Do NOT allow high density development in Milton!!
  48. Do not let urban sprawl and greed ruin our community. Our main reason to move to this area was for green space and generous lots for homeowners, this proposal will ruin this.
  49. Do we want Milton to continue to stand out as a special community–or do we want it to be another crowded/congested Atlanta “suburb”?
  50. Does it always have to be about the almighty dollar???????
  51. Don’t allow our beautiful area ruined by too much development – that is why we live here !!
  52. Don’t even think about destroying Milton with this kind of housing.
  53. Enough is enough.
  54. Enough of the building in Milton. We are going to be Johns Creek here soon.
  55. Enough of trees taken down, multi housing sites. Improve infrastructure. Milton does not want to become the next Alpharetta.
  56. Enough with high density AND clear cutting. We have a beautiful community that our infrastructure is straining to support.  The risk of future problems with community septic and high density housing far outweighs any benefits being touted.
  57. Goes completely against current zoning regulations as well against “rural Milton” by not providing adequate green area
  58. Having moved from an area where I watched this happen, I can say from experience, that the end result is absolutely negative. Please don’t do the same thing here!  Be thoughtful about what is built and how it affects the residents.  Listen to the people who will have to live with the consequences.  Our voices need to be heard and respected.
  59. high density housing and community septic stands directly opposed to what we voted for when we voted to have the city of milton with it’s rural character.
  60. High density housing equates to increased traffic on our already bumper to bumper rural roads. Our school are too large in student population to be effectively run. The addition of more students only adds to the problem.  Do we want to look like Roswell, Sandy springs??? Alpharetta already has sold out to development and destruction of green space.
  61. High density housing was not part of our city’s original plan!
  62. Houses on less than an acre should NOT be allowed in Milton and community sewer should not be allowed either, as it is simply a vehicle to allow for cluster homes on less than an acre. I call on the City Council to STOP trying to change the zoning.
  63. How can this possibly be approved considering the traffic congestion in Milton. Quality of life is diminished due to lack of planning.
  64. How can this type of rezoning continue to be approved??? The more housing, the more people and traffic.  Stop the rape of land like the beautiful Ebenezer Rd area.  Have some pride in our City of Milton, not just tax dollars.  This is NOT WHAT WE VOTED FOR WHEN WE BECAME A CITY.  The land across from Cambridge High makes me emotional when I see every tree is gone!!!  We can’t get through traffic now, why are there going to be cluster homes in this area?  I really feel that our pleas to the Council don’t mean a thing.
  65. How council members can support zoning that is not supported by Milton City planners and the Planning Commision is beyond The uniqueness of Milton is being widdled away as is our quality of life.  It must stop!
  66. How difficult is it to understand NO?!!! It’s ONLY 2 letters!!! This is getting tiring!!!
  67. I
  68. I absolutely do not support cluster housing! It takes me over 30 minutes to get to 400 in the morning due to the traffic. I did not move to Johns creek for just the reason. Now I am seeing signs of Milton going in the same direction.
  69. I absolutely oppose changing the zoning to allow for higher density homes….
  70. I absolutely opposed to any and all initiatives to allow cluster housing in Milton
  71. I agree completely.
  72. I agree with all items listed in the petition.
  73. I agree with all the items in this petition. Stop rezoning AG-1 into higher density!
  74. I agree with the comments listed in the petition. One of the main reasons of forming the city of Milton was we would be able to control the rural character of Milton.  Approving this zoning request would be totally opposite to that.
  75. I agree with what Sherry Quarrello wrote: “When I voted in favor of creating the city of Milton I was also voting AGAINST the exact tactics the city council is using in favoring big developers and deep pockets over my HOME.
  76. I am 100% in support of this petition. We moved our family to Milton just over a year ago specifically because of the appeal of this community.  Cluster housing would absolutely ruin the soul of this community and is truly unconscionable!
  77. I am a new resident to Milton for 2 years. I moved along with my wief and 3 girls from So. California and chose to live in Milton specifically BECAUSE of the 1 Acre minimum.  DO NOT allow us to BECOME another So, California.  It was a long drive to get here…
  78. I am a Realtor and I oppose this. This is not the Milton we had wanted to create in the beginning.
  79. I am adamantly opposed to cluster housing in Milton
  80. I am advocating for sensible enhancements to current AG-1 zoning to preserve Milton’s rural character. Expressing my dissatisfaction with the influence of Special Interests in Milton. And pledging to vote in elections against any Council Member that does not uphold the principles of this petition
  81. I am against any and all changes in the current zoning laws as they relate to less than 1 acre lots and community septic systems. I will keep a close watch on who votes in the process and cast my ballot accordingly in the next election.
  82. I am against cluster building and community septic. My family and I can from a similar type of septic system and it causes so many underlying problems such as positive pressure within septic lines as well as costly factor of maintaining grinder pumps within your home.   I plead for our elected officials to think about those who are currently a part of the Milton community and listen to what the community thinks is best.
  83. I am against cluster homes being built in rural Milton. It would change Milton in a negative way.  We would lose too much of our rural areas that make Milton different from other cities.  Wasn’t the idea of establishing a city was to keep the beautiful rural areas from this type of development.
  84. I am against cluster homes in Milton. Keep Milton as beautiful and peaceful as it is now
  85. I am against community septic systems. Private ones are expensive to maintain and repair. Who is responsible when community septic fails and it will – eventually..
  86. I am against lot sizes of less than 1 acre.
  87. I am completely against any type of cluster housing. This type of housing will become a nightmare in 10 years.  That is not why we moved here or live here.
  88. I am not in favor of this change. We moved to Milton because of the larger, open lots.
  89. I am opposed to cluster housing in unsewered areas of Milton, as well as to the extension of sewer into unsewered areas, for the same reasons that I opposed the CSO. I also object to the fact that the council does not reject these new projects based on their rejection of the CSO in December. We as citizens should not have to be on top of these issues, constantly attending meetings and signing petitions – we should be able to count on Milton Council to make decisions based on planning commission and community input, and then stand by those decisions.  I also understand that we cannot stop all growth, but would encourage the city to strictly limit the number of building permits allowed annually.
  90. I am opposed to high density housing on AG 1 land in Milton. Furthermore, I am opposed to the extension of sewer and community septic as it does introduce higher density than what otherwise would be allowed.  I urge City Council members to uphold the Comprehensive Land Use Policy and one acre minimums.
  91. I am opposed to the Ebenezer Road refining as it was approved. I feel it is in violation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
  92. I am opposed to the high density housing in all of the City of Milton.
  93. I am opposed to this development
  94. I am president of Country Ridge HOA a community located off south Thompson road. I sign this petition on behalf of our 26 homeowners with concerns about the future look of Milton and broken promises that were given at the time of voting for the creation of our city. We do NOT want to be another Apharetta with its conjested over built look. We want the uniqueness of our city to remain with its tranquility. I have written the Mayor in the past against this rezoning and appreciate his veto showing he understands the ramifications of high density development and broken promises that the board voted three to two at the last meeting.
  95. I am quite concerned and dismayed that despite the recommendations of of the city planning staff, planning commission and most importantly a significant and growing number of constituents this rezoning was approved by City Council. The infrastructure of Milton cannot support this type of density and it does not fit with the Comprehensive Land Use plan and the type of living most if not all of us desired when we moved here.  I have lived my home in Milton almost 20 years and never dreamed I would see this type of proposal being considered.  I can see no obvious benefit to this decision and believe all Council members should carefully reevaluate their position.
  96. I am so disappointed in City Council members that are pushing for the Ebenezer rezoning under the guise of “green space & conservation”. What a joke.
  97. i am so tired of this issue continuing to come up. Stop it! Preserve Milton’s character and push back on the developers or we will vote everyone out.
  98. I am strongly against zoning variances which are simply using a CUP to get around the rejection of the so called CSO.
  99. I am truly appalled that this type of zoning would pass.
  100. I believe in keeping Milton a low density area thats why families want to move here!
  101. I believe this is causing our home prices to drop and increasing traffic on already congested roads.
  102. I bought my house in Milton because of the big lots and space. I will vote for those who will protect that.
  103. I can’t believe the city approved the subdivision going in across from Cambridge High School. Whoever approved that must have had a personal agenda, and doesn’t deserve the responsibility of making those decisions on behalf of this community.
  104. I completely agree with the petition. How many times do we Milton residents have to say No. I think our wishes are pretty clear on keeping the rural feel to Milton.
  105. I completely disagree with community septic, cluster housing and any zoning changes, variance, or other schemes that result in homes on less than one acre! This area is already having many traffic issues due to games being played with the guidelines/laws in place. Landowners and brokers get rich and the community pays for it in the long run.
  106. I definitely oppose any zoning changes. We left John’s Creek to get away from this very type of over development and the infrastructure issues it causes. Keep Milton rural and beautiful!
  107. I do not like all of this construction. Being back how this area used to be. Now it’s very cl
  108. I do not support community density in Milton, GA
  109. I do not want any additional cluster housing in Milton! We do not have the necessary infrastructure to handle high density housing!
  110. I do not want cluster housing in rural Milton. If I wanted to live near cluster housing, I would move to Johns Creek or Alpharetta.
  111. I do not want small lots for houses in Milton. We need to keep and preserve what we have.
  112. I do not want this type of housing
  113. I don’t understand how the city council can vote against the wishes of the citizens they represent and the opinion of the planning council.
  114. I fought for Milton, and lived here TWICE, because of the beautiful, rural, equestrian uniqueness of this community. One house, one acre, one community. Please do not ruin what so many have dreamed of, fought and worked for.
  115. I fully support this petition. Cluster housing does not belong here as the roadways are already too congested and property values would suffer. Thank you for representing the people who actually live here, vs. the developers who are only after a one time profit opportunity.
  116. I hate the cluster houses in Woodstock and they are expensive for zero property! What a waste of land!
  117. I have been following the counsels decisions on rezoning for more dense neighborhoods. When election time comes any counsel member voting for rezoning will not get my vote
  118. I have lived in Milton for 15 years and the changes occurring lately with home being built in any little crevice of land along Hopewell Road and othe places is ruining the quaintness of our rural area, creating traffic congestion and hurting our property values. I strongly oppose the development of Cluster Homes and the permittnace of development on less than 1 acre.
  119. I have lived in Milton for 23 years and moved here because the area had many attractive rural qualities. My children grew up in the schools here.
  120. I have lived in North Fulton County 46 years and 41 at my present address. We have had AG-1 zoning all of these years and to change it is to change the reason we all moved here.  Keep the AG-1 Zoning.
  121. I have serious concerns over the ramifications associated with community sewer. I do not see how the variances are beneficial to the greater community in any way.
  122. I live at 740 kilgarron court Milton ga 30004
  123. I live in a sewered area and these need to stay where it is zoned and leave rural milton like it is.
  124. I live off Freemanville Road. Please stop building subdivisions!!!!  Keep Milton RURAL!
  125. I live on Ebenezer Road and I am completely against the proposed Brightwater cluster homes.
  126. I love the open green areas. Traffic is already a mess. No high density homes please!!!!
  127. I moved here because of the one acre law!! Also, I will vote, and make sure everyone I know votes, the current people out!! Been here since 1989!!  Why did we ever    Biggest mistake ever done out here!!!!  Corrupt politicians!!!!!!!!!!
  128. I moved to Milton because it was special in how it is developed, keeping its beauty in mind. Dense housing is not beautiful.
  129. I moved to Milton 5 years ago for the lovely rural feel and rolling hills. Since then the farm land is being replaced by development of cluster homes which is increasing traffic on Hopewell and Mayfield and taxing the infrastructure.  It needs to stop before Milton loses its charm and property values decline.
  130. I moved to Milton to avoid cluster home communities. I will continue to fight for the rural feel and do whatever it takes to avoid Milton feeling like Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Roswell.
  131. I oppose
  132. I oppose “Cluster Housing” in un-sewered areas of Milton !
  133. I oppose “cluster housing” in un-sewered areas of Milton !
  134. I oppose all the building in this town. Our infrastructure can’t handle this growth and our city was set up to avoid cluster neighborhoods. Our representatives should be ashamed at what has happened to our ” small town” feel.
  135. I oppose any cluster housing and anything on less than one acre. We need to preserve Milton, GA.
  136. I oppose any efforts to build high-density housing anywhere in the city of Milton. Congested roads and lowered property values resulting from homes on 1/4 acre or less lots are in direct conflict with why we chose to move to this city.
  137. I oppose any increase in housing density for our community for the reasons stated in this petition..
  138. I oppose any rezoning or variances
  139. I oppose as listed on the petition
  140. I oppose cluster homes in Milton
  141. I oppose cluster houses and homes that change the variances on homes on less than one acre in un-sewered areas. We want to keep Milton rural – developers are attempting to line their pockets by destroying our area’s country-like appeal.  This needs to stop now !  We don’t need a house on every square inch of land for goodness sake.  They’ve already ruined downtown Historic Crabapple with piling businesses and housing right on top of Crabapple Road and Broadwell Road.
  142. I oppose cluster housing development in Milton!
  143. I oppose cluster housing in Milton and do not support the proposed variance
  144. I oppose cluster housing in Milton!
  145. I oppose cluster housing in Milton.
  146. I oppose cluster housing in rural Milton
  147. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered areas of Milton
  148. I oppose cluster housing in unsewered areas of Milton and oppose changing any zoning changes
  149. I oppose cluster housing in unsewered areas of Milton.
  150. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered areas of Milton.
  151. I oppose cluster housing in unsewered areas of Milton. This is not what any of us moved here to have to deal with!
  152. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered areas of Milton. Too much construction in general, Traffic is worse each year and there seems to be nobody in power that seems to care that we’re turning into urban sprawl like Roswell, John’s Creek, etc.
  153. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered areas of Milton. (Milton residents only)
  154. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered areas of Milton. Stop the influence of special interest.
  155. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered areas of Milton. This is the second or third time I am opposing these types of zoning changes.
  156. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered ares of Milton.
  157. I oppose cluster housing in un-sewered ares of Milton.
  158. I oppose cluster housing!!! Keep Milton Rural!
  159. I oppose clustered housing on lots smaller than one acre in AG1 zoned areas.
  160. I oppose community septic, cluster housing and any zoning changes, variance, or other schemes that result in homes on less than one acre.
  161. I oppose community septic, cluster housing and any zoning changes, variance, or other schemes that result in homes on less than one acre.
  162. I oppose high density housing on Hopewell Road and the rezoning for smaller lots.
  163. I oppose rezoning AG-1 to less than 1 acre lots. Keep Milton beautiful and don’t overcrowd our city….it already can’t handle the additional growth.
  164. I oppose rezoning AG-1 to less than one acre lots.
  165. I oppose rezoning for cluster housing.
  166. I oppose rezonings that extend sewer by lines or via community septic. I oppose reducing 1 acre AG-1 lots. I oppose increased density through conceptual yields paid for by developers. In November of 2017, I will only vote for candidates that uphold Milton’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
  167. I Oppose the cluster housing and keep the Rural character of Milton….that is so desirable for many who live in Milton
  168. I oppose the cluster housing as described in the petition.
  169. I oppose the rezoning of AG-1 land for high density housing.
  170. I oppose the zoning changes in Milton. I do not want a bigger strain on the infrastructure, lower home values, or overcrowded schools.  There is too much building already happening in Milton, there is no need to change the zoning.
  171. I oppose this rezoning
  172. I oppose this type of high-density development in our area which is already congested with traffic and doesn’t have sufficient infrastructure to handle this development and the additional traffic, wear and tear on roads, emissions and other issues caused by additional concentration of the population in the area.
  173. I oppose this. With all the new construction around, home owners should not be impacted. Thanks
  174. I oppose to cluster housing in the Milton area now and in the future.
  175. I oppose to cluster housing in the Milton area. This will damage the quality of life we have come to appreciate and love by residing in Milton.
  176. I Stongly oppose the rezoning the changes to allow more homes in the area and no sewer. Milton should not approve of any these changes.
  177. I strongly object to the approval of variances allowing homes to be built on less than a full acre in areas zoned AG1 in Milton. I believe the practice of creating false property densities by “preserving”  green parcels of unbuildable land is clearly deceptive.  I believe the correct solution to keeping Milton green is to develop enhanced requirements for AG1 development.
  178. I strongly OPPOSE cluster housing and community sewer in Milton
  179. I STRONGLY OPPOSE CLUSTER HOUSING IN MILTON! The reason my family moved to Milton is for the rural community, minimum 1 acre home sites, and the unique area that sets us apart from other communities. Our roads cannot handle the additional traffic and our schools cannot handle the additional students that come along with cluster housing.
  180. I strongly oppose high density housing in Milton. City Council keep with the M. C. Land Use Plan.
  181. I strongly oppose the City of Milton Mayor and Council decision in accepting rezoning applications from AG-1 to Residential zoning other than R-2.
  182. I strongly oppose zoning changes (and/or variances) that increase density, depend upon community septic systems, or sewer extensions.
  183. I strongly oppose!!
  184. I strongly oppose. Please Stop trying to destroy our way of life. Keep our city beautiful and stop going against the will of the residents of Milton.
  185. I strongly support all aspects of the petition. Milton will be transformed into a version of Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta or Johns Creek if we don’t hold the line on density. We can never go back and “unring the bell” once we move forward with uncontrolled growth that goes hand-in-hand with greater density. Thank you. Joe Whitley
  186. I support the move to stop cluster housing in rural Milton.
  187. I support the petition that opposes the Ebenezer rezoning and future rezonings of such kind
  188. I support this petition. Our infrastructure (roads, schools, etc.) simply can’t handle the pace of development/density and, if we don’t slow development, it will dramatically change the character of the area.
  189. I supported Milton becoming a separate community from Alpharetta because of the unique concept to keep it rural and keep out cluster homes…this flies in the face of what citizens of Miltonwere promised.
  190. I think these are very important points to keep Milton as the place we all love and want to live in.
  191. I thought after the overwhelming community response to deny the CSO that the Milton City government would understand that we do not want cluster homes on less than an acre and we do not want to allow community sewer and/or the expansion of public sewer. We do not want Milton to turn into Alpharetta and Johns Creek!!
  192. I told my wife about three months ago that for the first time ever I felt like moving out of Milton. The traffic is an absolute nightmare in the morning and in the afternoon. We cannot tolerate any further density and I would like to see a total moratorium on all building including 1 acre lots until the traffic situation is made right. We do not need cluster homes in Milton!!  Surrounding Alpharetta has enough.
  193. I was originally in favor of this idea but now I am 100% opposed. AG-1  has always meant 1 home maximum per acre.  It  will be unfair to property neighbors who bought land will the understanding that the neighboring property will remain 1 home per acre.  This will open up much more property to cheaper and easier development thereby increasing density in Milton.
  194. I will ask my Milton neighbors to sign this petition as well!
  195. I will not vote for whoever supports this
  196. I would be extremely disappointed in any elected official that takes such a drastic move counter to the clearly expressed interests of the Milton community. Shame on you!
  197. I would further add that elected officials are accountable to their constituents not to their own agenda.
  198. I would prefer not to move. I would prefer for city council to maintain the integrity of this city as outlined in the beginning. I would also prefer for city council to have the integrity that calls for us to stand with them!
  199. I would question the ethics of the city council when it appears as though anyone with a functioning brain should be able to discern that this plan goes against what the city represents, what the city planning members propose, and what residents desire. From someone who has lived with septic all but 20 years of her 70+ years, this is just not feasible.
  200. I, as well as the others who have previously signed this petition am totally opposed to this zoning request. The main reason that I live in Milton, and voted for the formation of the city of Milton, is the rural character of the community.
  201. I, like so many others, moved my family to Milton to enjoy a unique “rural suburban” experience. To see Milton become another John’s Creek, etc., would be a tragedy.  We will be putting our City Council votes where our mouths are when the time comes.  We won’t take this lying down.
  202. If for no other reason than THE TRAFFIC, the cluster housing initiative should be defeated. We have too many cars in Milton already. Enough said…
  203. If the city council doesn’t listen to their citizens who live here already they should be removed from office immediately and be forced to live in one of these proposed developments and
  204. If the community is not prepared to do anything about the roads and congestion, high density housing should never be approved.
  205. If the council approves this zoning change–it proves that local government is in touch no more than the Fulton Commission was when we were unincorporated. Re-elect none of the council!
  206. If we as citizens of Milton don’t take the time to keep Milton beautiful and make wise choices we may forever lose Milton’s charm.
  207. I’m a long standing Milton resident and strongly opposed to cluster housing or  similar development  in our Prestine community, the wrong direction of what I think and many of the local Milton residents want for progress.   If this is approved it will open the gate Way and ruin the neighborhood community all of us HIGH TAX paying residents want!!
  208. I’m a realtor and I oppose high density housing in Milton. We moved to Milton 15 yrs ago from in-town for the rural charm, larger lots and lower density.  We do not want to be like the east side of 400.  Buyers are drawn to our area because of its uniqueness.  Please listen to the residents!
  209. I’m against developing more homes in Milton
  210. Im against this.
  211. I’m completely opposed to so labeled conservation subdivisions and cluster housing for Milton.  You would think our City Council Members would be against this if they are the voice of Milton and what it stands for!  Who does this “faux conservation” benefit? Builders? Special interest groups?  Certainly not the citizens of Milton who moved here for its rural integrity!!  .. doesn’t this violate the Comprehensive Land Use Plan?
  212. I’m in favor of all points of the petition!
  213. In the 6 years we have lived and enjoyed the 18 acres, next to a horse farm, have progressively changed from peaceful to traffic cluttered nightmare. Fire all the Milton commissioner’s who take political favors for their vote.
  214. Interesting form of government – council members who will not listen to their own professional staff nor the will of the citizenry. What are we missing here?
  215. Irreversible changes happened already in North Fulton, Milton county needed to keep and respect people’s choices.
  217. It is my wish NOT to have cluster homes in Milton.
  218. It is time for the City of Milton to put a stop to the constant high density housing requests by builders looking to turn our quaint city into a cluster of cookie cutter homes.
  219. It is time for the council to start listening to their constituents. Easy choices – listen and vote accordingly; voluntarily resign the position; or wait for the citizens to vote them out of office.  Their recent actions shows that they have lost their way in managing Milton.
  220. It’s all about property tax revenue. The city gets more tax money if there are more houses to tax. Shame on them for destroying our quality of life. The schools are already too crowded, the traffic is unbearable — even in the middle of the morning.
  221. it’s enough with the building , we have enough new developments..
  222. It’s obviously inevitable to stop land owners from selling to mass housing developers. Can only hope those in office don’t get too greedy and allow this cluster housing to happen here in Milton.
  223. Keep high density housing out of Milton.
  224. Keep it rural! That’s why we live here.
  225. Keep Milton AG1 and save our land
  226. Keep Milton as rural as possible, and property values up please.
  227. Keep Milton at its best – one house per acre and keep up with the City Master Plan
  228. Keep Milton Beautiful – No Cluster Homes!
  229. Keep Milton Rural
  230. Keep Milton Rural
  231. Keep Milton Rural
  232. Keep Milton Rural
  233. Keep Milton rural
  234. Keep Milton Rural!
  235. Keep Milton rural!
  236. Keep Milton Rural! No less than i acre minimums!!!
  237. Keep Milton rural! No traffic lights, no road expansion, no sewers or cluster housing! Roundabouts help the traffic at peak times and that is all we need more of. I can move back into the city if I wanted urban/suburban. The rural beauty of Milton is why we moved all the way up here. Please don’t destroy the magic of Milton. Please.
  238. Keep Milton Rural!!
  239. Keep Milton Rural.
  240. Keep Milton rural. Stop the development.
  241. Keep Milton zoning in place – no cluster home developments, EVER
  242. Keep Milton’s character!
  243. Keep Milton’s growth manageable and Milton rural. This is also important for schools so they can keep up with growth and provide the best education to North Fulton students.
  244. Keep Milton’s land open & free…stop building.
  245. Keep Milton’s original concept of large lots and a beautiful farm lie atmosphere pure! Please don’t allow cluster home communities. Milton is sought after for its current concept.
  246. Keep our Milton as is!!
  247. Keep our Milton beautiful! One home per acre, no smaller. Isn’t controlling over-development one of the reasons for becoming an independent city?
  248. Keep rural Milton- rural!
  249. Land should remain an agricultural land
  250. Leave Milton rural. Do not extend sewer system. NO apartments. NO townhomes. NO condos. NO cluster homes. Stop giving waivers to everyone just because they waive money. ALL homes should be on a minimum of 1 acre size lots. No exceptions!!!!
  251. Leave Milton rural. Stop development and high density development- the character of Milton is being destroyed by this!
  252. Let’s advocate for sensible enhancements to current AG-1 zoning to preserve Milton’s rural character
  253. Let’s please pull together as a community and do what we can to put a STOP to all this unnecessary development…what happen to Preserve Milton? I personally have had enough of all the large dump trucks polluting our area with not only their black smoke but with their loud noise and driving way to fast on our rural roads making them even more dangerous!!! STOP THE MADNESS PRESERVE BEAUTIFUL MILTON!!!
  254. Let’s preserve the reason for why we choose to live here.
  255. Let’s preserve what made all of us move here in the first place.
  256. Let’s stop the drastic changes. Keep Milton the Milton we all love and retain its beauty and serentity.
  257. Listen to Milton residents – stop the building!!!
  258. Look across GA 400 to Alpharetta to see what happens when high density housing is allowed to consume all green space. That’s why I moved to MIlton 12 years ago–don’t let it happen here’s!
  259. lots larger than an acre are what distinguishes Milton
  260. Mayor Lockwood veroed these changes for good reason. While it is understood that planners, builders and tax roles may all benefit from higher density housing, in the larger view this is a negative impact on resourses, traffic, scchools, erc.
  261. Milton already has too much housing for the current infrastructure! This petition must be rejected!
  262. Milton can not accommodate such extreme growth. Please keep AG1 in effect all over Milton.
  263. Milton cannot sustain the current growth rate. Traffic is insane, water/sewer problems have not been addressed and Milton is on the verge of losing its identity. Should this or any similar bill get approved I will help in any effort to vote out and replace ALL of the city council and mayor. I favor a billboard at the corner in Crabapple tat reads; “Remember this traffic when you vote!”
  264. Milton City Council continues to approve more and more development without the supporting infrastructure. This is worse than when we were unincorporated Fulton County.  The City of Milton continues to ignore its professional staff and allow unsupported and irreresponsible growth.
  265. Milton City Council members, please listen to the voice of the people. We chose Milton because of its beauty and rural atmosphere. We want to keep it that way.
  266. Milton council members need to keep their commitments to maintain our community values.
  267. Milton Council Members, Your vote should be aligned with your constituents and not with outside special interest groups. Vote against cluster housing and maintain large lot, private septic system zoning rules.
  268. Milton doesn’t want to be a Johns Creek and Hopewell Road doesn’t need to become State Bridge Rd. Let’s keep Milton as rural as we can.
  269. Milton has a long standing history of honoring it’s rural heritage. DO NOT be the ones who.go down in history as making us just the same (and just as dangerous) as everywhere else.  There is a reason why were the safest place in the country to live. Vote NO to this cluster housing.  Patricia Hendrix.
  270. Milton has already been over-developed. It is congested and quickly losing its character and desireability. Please stop !
  271. Milton has always been a place where homes were one acre and above and required septic tanks. Putting homes on 1/4 acre lots with ‘community septic’ is not only irresponsible but it damages wildlife and overcrowds the area.  I am in total opposition of any development in current septic areas with homes one acre and above and totally opposed to sewer being extended to these beautiful rural like areas in Milton.
  272. Milton is a hidden gem! We moved here so our kids could have a nice backyard to play in, to attend great schools, a piece of mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday traffic and so much more.  Now these council members who voted for these Cluster Homes are trying to take all this away.  We need to replace these council members who voted for these cluster homes!
  273. Milton is about to become a smaller Alpharetta. The reason I moved here from Alpharetta was to get away from the congestion.
  274. Milton is building on every postage stamp lot that can be found. Traffic has greatly increased including pass thru from other areas like Cumming & Holly Springs. Slow down before this rural setting is spoiled!
  275. Milton is slowly working towards the kind of congestion seen in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Roswell. Milton has a great lifestyle that is slowly being killed by development.
  276. Milton is special. The farms and wildlife are so beautiful and relaxing. Let’s protect it!!
  277. Milton lacks infrastructure for this type of building MOREOVER we live in rural Milton for a reason, we do not wish to have this in our backyard
  278. Milton roads are already overcrowded. Milton has a rural look and that is what makes our city beautiful and unique.  We do not want our city to become like every other suburban city.
  279. Milton set itself up for this by adopting Living Centers Initiative. This is top down social engineering, benefiting developers.  It stems from the Federal Sustainable Communities Initiative, a marriage between DOT, EPA, and HUD. The goal of pack ’em and stack ’em housing is to get us all out of our cars and using mass transit. Pls see Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. Forced diversity in our communities is next. Reject all of this to maintain Milton’s true rural character.  Or our children will only be able to dream of living in a place like Milton still is.
  280. Milton should be improving the area, not making it worse. We have nice new city buildings, etc. and this will hurt our area on multiple levels.  This needs to be stopped!
  281. Milton’s character and rural feel we’re both major factors in our choice to make this our new home during our relocation last year from the Northeast. Please preserve the quality of life here in Milton and stop the development of cluster housing!
  282. Milton’s infrastructure can not handle more cluster housing. Hwy 9 and the back roads are already clogged with traffic and this would only add to the problem.
  283. Mind boggling that the Milton City Council members continue to vote opposite the wishes of what seems to be the vast majority of Milton residents. 100% of Milton residents I’ve spoken with are against this type of rezoning and development. This needs to stop NOW!
  284. More horses. Less houses. Please.
  285. More houses more traffic…which has already become a huge issue.
  286. More houses will mean more cars on our already congested roads. Make more lanes before making new neighborhoods.
  287. My family and I just moved to Milton. Please don’t do this disgrace and destroy the city that we have fallen in love to!
  288. My family moved to Milton because of the rural feel and excellent schools. It’s understood that we cannot stop development but it is imperative that we stop the trend of sub acre development. If we continue on the same path our community will lose its character and be no different than any other suburb of Atlanta.
  289. National publicly traded developers do not care about community impact rather how many economical (poorly built) units can be slammed onto an acre to maximize profits.
  290. no
  291. No 1/4 acre lots
  292. No cluster homes
  293. NO cluster homes in Milton!
  294. No cluster homes or community septic in Milton.
  295. No cluster homes.
  296. No cluster housing in Milton
  297. No Cluster Housing in Rural Milton!
  298. No clustering!
  299. No clusters! No walmarts! No CVS! No retirement homes! Keep Milton Rural!
  300. No high density house.   No matter what.
  301. No housing under an acre. Period!
  302. No lots under 1 acre! Triple Crown resident
  303. No means No. Does not mean “not now but keep trying”. This is against the will and zoning of our community. No means “No!”  Gentlemen, this is like date rape. No means No! Enough already!
  304. No more building please.
  305. No more cluster homes. Roads are already clogged enough.
  306. NO NO NO NO to 1/4 acre lots, community septic tanks or changes in zoning
  307. No private sewer. No cluster homes…please. Keep Milton beautiful and special.
  308. No rezoning
  309. No rezoning for lots under an acee in Milton. That was the reason why we moved here
  310. No Roads. No Infrastructure. We can’t even build a little round a bout in two years at Birmingham Road.  Lets add a few more people so we can be like Forsyth County.  Every forest, every pasture, every farm, GONE!
  311. No shared skeptics!!!
  312. No to community septic and less than 1 house per acre.
  313. No to rezoning
  314. No to rezoning!
  315. No to the additional cars and subsequent traffic.
  316. no way!
  317. No way!! Do not turn Milton into every other over-crowded and drab suburb in Atlanta. Milton is better off with it’s natural charms and current zoning of 1 acre minimum home sites.
  318. NO, I most vehemently do not want community septic or other density-increasing tactics in Milton. Keep Milton as rural and undeveloped as possible!
  319. Not only do I oppose cluster homes and rezoning for residential, I want to know how it even comes to the board in the first place. The zoning guidelines are very clear, and in place for a very specific set of reasons. Among those reasons are maintaining the rural feel of Milton, but also overstressing our infrastructure of roads and intersections. With the massive building that is occurring in Cherokee County, and the fact that the only way for them to get to and from work in metro Atlanta and Fulton county is to pass directly through Milton, for these reasons alone it should dissuade us from ever changing this zoning. I am actually in favor of changing our plan to increase minimum zoning to 3-5 acres per home to cut down on over development in rural Milton.
  320. Nothing beats Milton’s special character. We must protect that.
  321. One acre is the key to keeping Milton unique
  322. One of the main reasons why my family bought a home in Milton was because of the current residential zoning which gives us a rural feel. This rezoning has the potential to eventually destroy that rural feel.
  323. One of the reasons my family moved here 8 years ago was the green space Milton offered. To date we have seen 5 major farms turned into subdivisions. Heartbreaking and taxing to the current infrastructure.
  324. One reason I moved to Milton is for the amount of land I could own with my home. I was tired of living so close to my neighbors that we could pass sugar between our homes.  Do not put homes on less property and get rid of this beautiful advantage of living rurally with more space to spread out and have more privacy.
  325. One-off variances allowing high density housing in return for greenspace is an attempt to implement the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance, but without adequate controls (density neutrality, external buffers for view-shed protection, etc.). We need a strategy beyond AG-1 zoning to protect Milton from long term full development, but the lack of a strategy is not a justification for uncontrolled high-density development.
  326. Oppose cluster housing anywhere in Milton
  327. oppose cluster housing in un-sewered areas of Milton. (Milton residents only) In signing this petition, I am:  opposing any zoning changes, variances, or other schemes that result in homes on less than one acre in un-sewered areas.  2. opposing any zoning changes or variances that accelerate development.  3. opposing community septic.  4. opposing any and all sewer extensions beyond areas where sewer is already permitted.  5. calling for reforms needed to make the zoning process citizen-centric.  6. advocating for sensible enhancements to current AG-1 zoning to preserve Milton’s rural character.  7. expressing my dissatisfaction with the influence of Special Interests in Milton.  8. advocating for clean, competent, courageous and citizen-centric government.  9. pledging to vote in elections against any Council Member that does not uphold the principles of this petition.
  328. Oppose rezoning
  329. Opposing
  330. Our arterial 2-lane roads of MILTON, GA CANNOT SUSTAIN the current traffic load and current BUILDING BOOM. We do not need to add high-density to worsening traffic issues on our quite 2-lane roads that back-up for 10-minutes at the stop signs during morning and afternoon rush hours.  WE CANNOT SUSTAIN ANY ADDITIONAL GROWTH WITHOT ADDRESSING ROAD/TRAFFIC ISSUES!  I have lived out here for 16 years, and this past year’s building boom has severely impacted all the major (secondary road) intersections.
  331. Our family recently moved to Milton from Forsyth County to avoid this problem!
  332. Our quaint town, I oppose the name of city, has been abused by taking away it’s natural beauty. The infrastructure cannot support additional traffic.  We do not want to become another Alpharetta.
  333. Our roads are already overcrowded and dangerous. I oppose any zoning changes or variances that accelerate development.
  334. Our traffic is becoming a nightmare. This rapid growth and traffic congestion is causing us to forego our rural community feel….which is why we moved here 15 years ago.
  335. Our traffic is getting horrible! Building homes on 1/4 acre lots would make things so much worse!! I moved to Milton 9 years ago because I loved how spread out and rural it is. I oppose cluster housing!
  336. Part of what makes Milton desirable is its rural feel and beautiful large lots. Going to small lots and community sewer would tarnish this. 😦
  337. Pay attention to what the citizens of Milton are asking please! We cannot even get around on our roadways as it is.
  338. Please accept this as my signature to stop clicker homes in Milton.
  339. Please add the multiuser bike and wall trail on New Providence Road that was entered into the Master Plan. Stop building multi-unit housing.
  340. Please deny these and future zoning changes! Thank you!!
  341. Please deny this.
  342. Please deny this. Milton has enough housing to last a century if you are looking at quality of life.
  343. Please do not allow these cluster developments in Milton! Thank you!
  344. Please do not allow this cluster housing which is simply a money grab from local land owners and developers. They could care less about the health of the area moving forward, rather the health of their bank account right now. Thank you.
  345. Please do not allow this to pass. It goes against everything we love about Milton. Keep these developers out!
  346. Please do not approve cluster housing as detailed in this petition.
  347. Please do not approve the change to the zoning in Milton. One of the benefits of living in the Milton area is the rural look and feel.  Approving this will forever change one of the few areas left with these characteristics.
  348. Please do not approve the rezoning decision for Brightwater Homes. I am STRONGLY against this and have all the facts. Thank you.
  349. Please do not change existing codes. Keep Milton special!
  350. Please do not change the character of Milton. Please do not change anything that impacts the very reasons why I chose to move my family to Milton in the first place.
  351. Please do not destroy rural Milton !!!
  352. Please do not move forward with this rezoning plan. The current state of Milton’s housing is what drew my family here, along with the schools. Other than increased tax revenue, there is no benefit to the community. The increased burden (traffic) and decreased charm do not sufficiently offset the monies that may be obtained through more property taxes. I implore you to consider your constituents rather than a handful of developers.
  353. Please do not ruin this area by over development. Keep the rural flavor here. Keep greedy builders out!
  354. Please don’t allow this to happen to our beautiful community. For our children’s future….. Let’s think for them
  355. Please don’t approve the rezoning of our beautiful Milton property. One of the main reason we build our home here was the large home lots. Money would be the only reason you would approve the rezoning, Do what’s best for the current homeowners and families. Please preserve rural Milton!!
  356. Please don’t cluster our homes
  357. Please don’t do this to our beautiful community! There are enough high density developments in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, and Roswell if that’s the sort of environment people want to live in.  Me and most of my neighbors in Milton don’t want that and that’s why we live here.
  358. Please don’t turn Milton into every other overcrowded suburb in the Atlanta area. If the rezoning and new building continues, the opposite effect will occur and people will relocate.  The traffic is already horrible.  You are killing our community.
  359. Please follow the ag1 zoning regarding the development of this property. No community septic no cluster housing!
  360. Please honor your comprehensive plan and deny this zoning. Carolyn Pace
  361. Please just stop. Its ruining Alpharetta aka Milton.
  362. Please keep Milton a special place to raise our families without over development.
  363. Please keep Milton rural!!
  364. Please keep to 1 acre for zoning purposes. thx
  365. Please let’s keep our rural character. Milton DOES NOT CLUSTER HOMES!!!!!!!!!!
  366. Please listen to the citizens of Milton that elected you! I have emailed my opposition to this each time it has been brought up in the past.  I suggested postponing this until it can be tied to an election to find out if this is really what the voters of Milton want.  Why are you not listening? So much determination by the council makes me wonder what the real motive is.  I pledge my support to elect someone other than any council member that votes for this again!
  367. Please listen to the overwhelming majority of residents that live on Ebenezer. We do not support this type of development near our homes. This is not a positive step for Milton….why abandon our principles as a community? The threat of clear cutting the property is not accurate as their is another interested buyer that will maintain the integrity of the land via the current AG-1 zoning
  368. Please listen to your constituents and not these developers!
  369. Please NO cluster homes in Milton! Can’t we preserve something in this beautiful community!
  370. Please no higher density housing!
  371. Please please don’t cluster the homes and ruin the beautiful look of Milton. My kids and grandkids will thank you.
  372. Please preserve our beautiful area!!
  373. Please preserve our beautiful land.
  374. Please protect our community, the city of Milton is very special.
  375. PLEASE respect what has already been decided in MANY other similar petitions. No matter how it is disguised, the issue is the same!
  376. please stop
  377. Please stop !!
  378. Please stop all this building. Preserve Milton.
  379. Please stop allowing cluster housing applications. It defeats the ideals and desires if this very special community.  It seems the applications keep coming.  It needs to be a flat “no” by those officials that we are supposed to trust to lookout for the community.  We should not have to vigiantly keep signing petitions to repeat our desires as a community.  No means no.  It does not mean keep asking until we get tired.
  380. Please stop bringing high density housing projects before the city council. The residents of Milton have chosen this community for its spacious beauty and the absence of this type of development. The residents should have the voice to reject these plans anyway, not a few city council members who ignore the desires of the people they represent.
  381. Please stop building!!!!
  382. Please STOP cluster housing.
  383. Please stop destroying our property value
  384. Please stop destroying the beauty of Milton/west side of Ga 400…..keep the cluster housing to the other side
  385. please stop making these zoning changes. Save our beautiful Milton!
  386. Please stop these proposed zoning changes!
  387. Please stop this high density proposal.
  388. Please stop this!! Our roads & schools are at capacity. We can’t handle more. This type of zoning will cause many people to leave. We came to Milton for the beauty and peace. It’s being destroyed & turned into Roswell. Please stop this!
  389. Please support all this City was founded on and help maintain its unique character and rural environment.
  390. Please vote against private sewer and cluster housing in Milton!
  391. PLEASE!!
  392. Preserve Milton or it will look like Sandy Springs.
  393. Preserve Rural Milton
  394. Preserve rural Milton is a sham organization. One acre zoning should be preserved
  395. preserve rural milton!!!
  396. preserve rural milton.
  397. Protect the current citizen’s investments. Elected officials – do the job you were voted in to do…represent your peers.
  398. Rampant, unchecked development geared towards easy development money threatens to ruin our rural character and quality of life. Take that away and you’re left with benign, bland urban sprawl. Most of us who lived here moved here for the quality of life, and we paid a premium for it. Milton needs to get  back to gather and ban cluster housing.
  399. Read “The Lorax” Learn from it.
  400. Represent Milton citizens and deny this rezoning request.
  401. Resident & Homeowner – Heydon Hall
  402. Resident in Brookshade neighborhood in Milton Georgia
  403. Resident of Brookshade neighborhood in Milton, GA.
  404. Ruining Milton already? Come on! Let’s not become Gwinnett County.
  405. Rural Milton is why I moved here in the first place, keep it rural people.
  406. Say no to this sort of development! Two words….”Rucker Road”.
  407. Schools are already bursting at the seams. Development needs to be in increments that allow the infrastructure to catch up.  Traffic is already close to unbearable levels.   Rick McElheny
  409. Slippery slope allowing an exemption of this type will set the stage for many additional requests and approvals.
  410. Slow it all down, please. We are wonderful as we are. Keep our lot sizes at an acre.
  411. Small lots and. high density living is not what everyone moved here for. It would ruin the rural nature of the town.
  412. So against this growth. Keep the small town vibes!
  413. Special interests in government large and small – we as taxpaying citizens can’t escape it.
  414. STOP – please listen to your citizens.
  415. Stop all the building…..traffic is already a NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  416. stop all the rezoning!!
  417. Stop building cluster homes that are ruining the beautiful landscape of Milton, one of the most beautiful counties around.
  418. Stop building! Keep Milton rural! Please pay attention to who we’re voting in office to keep Milton the way it was intended to be!
  419. Stop building!!!!! This is getting ridiculous – we’re on our way to becoming the next East Cobb! I grew up there and don’t want to return to it!  My son asks everyday why are they getting rid of the trees why are they building so many houses I thought we moved here to get away from all of this!
  420. STOP cluster housing in Milton PLEASE.
  421. Stop cluster housing in Milton! Greedy people make pure decisions.  This will destroy the landscape of this beautiful town we call home…
  422. Stop cluster housing in Milton! Greedy people make pure decisions.  This will destroy the landscape of this beautiful town we call home…
  423. Stop cluster housing in Milton!!
  424. Stop cluster housing in Milton!! Obey the zoning laws!!
  425. Stop cluster housing in Milton. Unnecessary!
  427. Stop Cluster Housing in Rural Milton!!! We didn’t move to Milton to live around Cluster houses! They don’t belong here.
  430. Stop high density and the introduction of sewers.
  431. Stop high density housing
  432. Stop high density housing.
  433. Stop high density housing.
  434. Stop it period!
  435. stop over crowding,saturating our home. ridiculous you can get 5 miles without sitting in congestion for 35-40 minutes!!!!!
  436. Stop over developing Milton!!!
  437. Stop putting lipstick on this pig, you can’t change what it is.
  438. Stop rezoning. .. it is not the intent for this area…the infrastructure such as roads schools can not handle high density
  439. Stop ruining the beauty of Milton for GREED!!!!!
  440. Stop the high density residential building!  Our infrastructure can’t handle it. We moved to Milton for the peaceful, rural surroundings.
  441. Stop the over saturation , ridiculous amount of housing going up anywhere/everywhere without thinking of the consequences!!! If you need emergency help my god do not call 911 between hours of 7am-9:30 am and 4pm-7pm…you I’ll be out of luck because no one can get ANYWHERE on these roads during those times!!!!! Hope you are happy with your GREED! WE ARE OFFICIALLY THE “OTHER SIDE OF 400”!
  442. Stop the building!
  443. Stop the building!! It’s terrible
  445. STOP the high density housing!
  446. Stop the high desnisity housing. Keep Milton Rural
  447. Stop the madness
  448. Stop the madness before we ruin what makes Milton!
  449. Stop the sewers.
  450. Stop this hi-density housing in Milton
  451. Stop this rezoning nonsense now! This is our city.
  452. STOP!!!!!
  453. Strongly opposed to the rezoning
  454. THANK YOU Joe Lockwood for the over ride and Julie Zahner Bailey for staying on top of the council’s underhanded ways of trying to slide this AG1 rezoning in …repeatedly.
  455. Thanks Joe for vetoeing!!!
  456. Thanks Planning Commission for having our backs again. All of you should run for Council so we can stop worrying about this.
  457. The City Council needs to listen to the voters. Absolutely no cluster housing in Milton. The large lots are what makes the city unique and special.
  458. The city council needs to listen to their voters or we need to replace them.
  459. The City of Milton was voted in so that we could protect this area from becoming high density. This is the only thing that keeps our area unique.  Please do what you were hired for and protect rural Milton!!!
  460. the cluster housing on Arnold Mill near crabapple Kroger is causing backup traffic for miles on Arnold Please Stop
  461. The cluster/small lot development and curbing laws/policies has to stop now.
  462. The commissioners should listen to the voters wishes
  463. The continued sprawl of Alpharetta is now encroaching on Milton. Council members MUST stand strong against this blatant profit grab by greedy developers.
  464. The council or any elected body normally follows professional recommendations based on merits. Any vote not based on merit would send wrong message to voters.
  465. the council should follow the recommendations of the planning staff or disband the function and save us some money. Milton is becoming another Roswell or Norcross
  466. The desirability of this area is its unique characteristic of larger lots. Additionally we just don’t need more traffic.  The building in Cherokee is going to be a monumental problem here without the added housing and density that this development would create and cause further similar development.  Keep Milton RURAL!  That’s why we all choose to be here!
  467. The disease that affects people that are elected on the Federal and State levels also affects the local elected person, politics, they forget why they were elected in the first place.
  468. The location of Cambridge High School should be evidence enough that NO planning goes into Milton development. The traffic is horrendous and it happened AFTER the developers were told it would happen!  Simple lip service!  As a result, just STOP!  No more building permits, no more development, no more – period!
  469. The main reason we moved to Milton instead of Johns Creek, Alpharetta, or Roswell 2 years ago was the AG-1 zoning, 1 acre plots. In those 2 years, congestion has already increased dramatically. If Cluster homes are allowed,  congestion will become even worse.  Milton will no longer stand out as the idyllic, distinct community we love.
  470. The majority of eligible voting citezens strongly oppose zoning changes. Not recognizing this fact is criminal.
  471. The Milton residents spoke out against this in huge numbers in December. The city council needs to represent The citizens.
  472. The more density we allow in Milton the more impossible it will become to live here without great stress during commute times. Shame on the council for letting the almighty dollar get in the way of doing what is right for the people of Milton!
  473. The ONLY party to gain a benefit from the proposed variances is the builder. Further it sets an irreversible precedent allowing additional similar developments that are unnecessary and out of scope with the established character of Milton.
  474. The reason I moved to Milton was because of its rural nature. Please keep it the way it is. It is a treasure in Atlanta.
  475. The reason people move here and are willing to pay the taxes is to have space and fill like they have a little hidden piece of country that’s close to the city!!
  476. The reason we choose Milton to be our hometown was because of the large, 1 acre lots. We love the somewhat rural atmosphere So many houses, are putting a major strain on the limited roads. Now, there is more cluster housing considered for Hopewell as well, and the traffic on Hopwell is already terrible during morning and evening commute times! Seriously considering moving out of Milton if this uncontrolled building continues!
  477. The reason we moved out here was because it was RURAL. WHY do our electives REFUSE to listen to the people of the community that they live in???  Complete Bullshit.  THIS is why people hate government.
  478. The reason we moved to Milton is to get away from the cluster homes and the additional traffic they create. I work 5 miles from my house and it can take me 25-30 minutes to get there when schools in.
  479. The reason we moved to Milton, is being destroyed . The amount of houses being built have stressed our roads.  Then you add cluster housing it will be worse.   Also, our schools are becoming over crowded.  The crime rate will increase, just like it has in cumming.  So where is the money, going to come from to improve roads, increase the police and fire dept and build another school?
  480. The reason we supported the creation of Milton is that we belived locals leaders when they said they would preserve the rural lifestyle. Ideas and proposals being considered by the council and mayor like Cluster housing and community septic are not in keeping with the vision of the rural community shared in 2006.
  481. The rezoning to allow for small lot size and/or cluster housing undermines the foundation of what this community was designed for and committed to be!!!!
  482. The schools and roads are already overcrowded. Please stop the nonsense of allowing homes to be built on small lots.
  483. The self serving Milton City Council wants to end Milton’s exclusive 1 acre zoning and turn our town into Alpharetta or Johns Creek. If they are going to do that, what was the point of breaking away from Alpharetta in the first place?
  484. the smaller lot set precedence and is unacceptable. People do not move to Milton to live in this type of environment.
  485. The traffic around here is bad enough that we do not need to cram in more people in high density developments.
  486. There are trailers at Milton High School again 4 years after Cambridge opened it and Milton High are completely full again. The roundabouts only get people to the next stop sign quicker and stop traffic there again.  I urge the Council to consider that it is OK TO NOT AGREE WITH DEVELOPERS.. We don’t have to be just like everyone else.  We don’t have to have tremendous commercial areas.  People move here because we don’t…Dont be a rubber stamp…. Do the right thing ….
  487. There is a for sale sign on Bethany at Mayfield Rd that says it all: ‘FOR SALE DEVELOPERS ONLY” If we sit back and remain quite this will become a common site in front yards all over Milton. That cute little ranch house just around the corner could have 2-5 homes sharing a single septic tank. Who will be responsible for making sure the common septic is up to code?Several years after construction will it be leaching its contents into your property? Will the City of Milton create a new Septic Compliance Department to protect the environment and Milton’s property owners? Just say no, now and when you vote in the next election for Mayor and City Council seats.
  488. There is no need for this type of housing in Milton. Why do we have elected officials if they don’t protect the communities thoughts and rights.   Someone is getting a big kick back from this project.
  489. These new developments are ruining what makes Milton a special community. They not only look terrible, cheap and cookie cutter,  but these ugly high density developments have a negative impact on our traffic, crowding in our schools, general quality of life in Milton and current home values. Home values of the people who have lived in Milton for years because of the bucolic feel of the town. The City Council should be protecting our unique and picturesque town not making it look like every other new build throughout the South. There should be a minimum lot requirement and it should be reasonably large- 1 acre.  The only way to have green space is to require lot sizes to be large, with trees  and give all neighbors in Milton a little elbow room. Shame on the  City Council for not fighting for the citizens of Milton!
  490. These rezonings are accelerating development. That is not conservation.  Quarter acre lots do not fit.  The people that live in the area are overwhelmingly against this.  Do their opinions matter?
  491. These types of developments will ruin the character and property value of Milton. As a Realtor, I can attest that keeping this type of development OUT of Milton will increase everyone’s property value and continue to drive the income the city needs without sacrificing character and the lush green we are known for. Please DO NOT allow this to happen!
  492. These types of homes are destroying what makes Milton such a special place. We moved here for this character, I hate to see it disappear and look and feel just like everywhere else.  We need people on the Council that understand this and protect it.
  493. Think before you act.
  494. This battle has been going on the entire time we have lived here (2000). How many times do the citizens of this community need to communicate to our elected officials that we prefer Milton at AG-1?
  495. This goes against why we live in Milton.
  496. This has to stop. Milton is known for its rural landscape. Stop cluttering Milton.
  497. This housing proposal seems to be contrary to the concept of keeping Milton rural where a certain portion of the developed area would be kept as a green area.
  498. This is a backdoor approach to CSO’s which were voted down earlier this year.
  499. This is a slippery slope. Please remember that once one of these developments is approved, then all the developers will assert they have the right to develop 1/4 acre lots as well.
  500. This is an end run by another developer who spouts platitudes, cares nothing for Milton. And it looks like members of Council are providing the blocking
  501. This is ludicrous because you do not build the supporting infrastructure to accomadate the increased number of houses!!!!
  502. This is not the direction Milton needs to head. Please keep standards
  503. This is not the reason why I moved to Milton. Please preserve the peace and tranquility in Milton.
  504. This is not the right way to try and preserve rural Milton. Milton does not want cluster homes even if it saves a few acres of green space in the back of the neighborhood. Approval of this is opens the City of Milton to risks that are not worth the small concession of open space from the builder. I hope the council members will listen to the citizens and vote against this rezoning, especially since their own planning board also opposed it. We want to preserve Milton but not by possibly sacrificing our home values….too risky. Let’s stop arguing about cluster housing and instead get the community together and educate them on the costs to put together a bond initiative that could successfully accomplish preserving the open space in Milton.  I believe most residents would much rather support a bond then possibly see their home values be affected.
  505. this is Not why I moved into Milton
  506. This is ridiculous big-development running wild against the wishes of the residents. The entire city council and mayor should be replaced.
  507. This is ridiculous that the citizens of this community continually have to petition for your elected council members to do the right thing. You live here, come on!
  508. This is wrong on a host of levels. Stop overbuilding this city.  It’s destroying the very fabric that made Milton what it is.
  509. This needs to stop, how many different ways do Milton Residents have to say that we do not want this, we want to preserve the rural nature of Milton.
  510. This sets a dangerous precedent for all of Milton. We moved out here to get away from “high density”.
  511. this type of high density/cluster housing is hurting the value of our area.
  512. This will destroy the rural beauty peace and safety of our community. Our infrastructure and services are not setup for this either – already see the issues every day.
  513. This would ruin the rural aspect of Milton forever.
  514. This zoning request will compromise the rural character of Milton and set precedent for wide spread cluster developments throughout. Vote no!
  515. To put a ordinance on people building on their own land to this? Ridiculous!!!
  516. To the City of Milton, please stop trying to go against the will of the people, Stop bringing this topic up.
  517. Too much overcrowding is ruining Milton…building houses on every vacant parcel of land is a huge negative!!!!
  518. Totally oppose
  519. Totally opposed to this.
  520. Traffic is the key issue that you should be focused on.
  521. Trees are coming down every seasons. Trees are not plentiful as they were 10 years ago.  Please preserve our green space and do not approve the building of clusters of homes.  Traffic is already an issue for us and I urge you to reconsider present and future requests to develop clusters of home.  When the city of Milton was created we took a survey concerning the priorities of residents.  Green space and traffic were two important issues and I don’t believe the current developments are supporting our desires from that survey.
  522. Unacceptable! The cluster housing in rural Milton is out of control and not in keeping with why residents choose to live in this community. Not to mention it’s causing overcrowding of our public schools.
  523. very concerned about property values in Brookshade
  524. Very opposed
  525. Watching the deterioration of quality of life due to increased traffic and population around my home at Bethany Creek South, I would like to see others spared this deterioration.
  526. We absolutely oppose this. This will absolutely destroy our quality of life that we have come to love. Keep Milton rural and beautiful.
  527. We all moved here for the quality of life and cluster housing will yield the mess that they have in John’s Creek. Do the right thing and turn this down once and for all.
  528. We all moved to Milton for a reason and most of it is due to the uniqueness around it. I was raised in a small rural town and Milton was my choice to raise my children because of the pastoral, peaceful nature of the city.  I also felt that the council’s mission was to preserve the beauty and the small town profile.  Please don’t sign us up to be “like every other city” in the area.  We must protect our uniqueness.
  529. We already have overpopulated the beautiful Milton I was once proud to call home. Please stop the shenanigans and preserve RURAL MILTON!
  530. We are against cluster housing in Milton!!!
  532. We are maxed out on Bethany bend, we border the new developemen put in by Forsyth as its right on the county line. Another 500 cars will be filing into our tiny little road that cannot be widened in places. All the building is creating dust, noise, congestion..all the reasons against why we bought in ‘RURAL’ Milton, and come many retirement communities do we really need?
  533. We are opposed to any zoning changes that would result in the building of homes on lots less than one acre in the Milton area. We oppose community septic and will vote against any city council members who are in support of zoning changes which result in homes on lots less than one acre.
  534. We are opposed to this development
  535. We are trusting YOU, our city leaders, to protect our community. Please do not allow these developers to change what we love about Milton
  536. We can’t handle more traffic! Keep Milton beautiful!
  537. We chose to luve ub Milton based on the zoning laws. PLEASE STOP changing them to accomodate more houses.
  538. We did not buy in Milton to be surrounded by cluster homes w minimal set back.
  539. We do not want high density subdivisions in Milton
  540. We do not want this type of land use in Milton.
  541. We don’t need cluster homes. One of the benefits of living in Milton is the large lots and woods that still exist in the area.  It will keep the value of the homes at a higher level than in other areas of the county.
  542. We have huge traffic issues already due to development without the proper planning and construction of better roads with proper capacity.
  543. We have lived in this community 30 years and we love the rural and small town feel. Please keep Milton like you promised when we became independent from Alpharetta . If we wanted development ever where we would move to Roswell !!! One acre per lot is not too much to ask for believe me Milton will keep its tax base!!!!!
  544. We have worked very hard to preserve Milton. Stop trying to make it like Alpharetta!!!!!  Especially the East side of 400.
  545. We highly oppose building anything less than 1 acre estates in the city limits of Milton. Milton is to be left as it is large tracts.
  546. We love the rural nature of our community including our spacious yards
  547. We moved from crowded downtown to Milton for its serenity and green space. In the last two years we’ve seen congestion increase dramatically!
  548. We moved from South Forysth recently to escape the high density building boom. We more than doubled our taxes and home value to accomplish this. Stop the greed, build in Forysth keep it out of Milton. Or my vote will reflect my displeasure.
  549. We moved here 19 years ago for the charm of the rural life. We have been told that our city council feels the same, so please don’t go back on your words. Let’s keep the charm that attracts people to this community, and not make our town just like every other suburban area around , which are so generic! Thank you!
  550. We moved here for the beautiful land and peacful “green” feel. Let’s not destroy it.
  551. We moved here for the one acre lots and green space for our family. We moved here because Milton was different and housing was not on top of each other.
  552. We moved here from Alanta 20 years ago. At that time it was a quiet, peaceful community – a place where we could keep our horses and ride on beautiful trails. The trails are gone; many of the farms are gone; the peaceful community gone and it seems that we are left with a busy, noisy, crowded city instead of the rural town we loved. Not what we were promised when we voted for Milton.
  553. We moved to Milton because of it’s rural, “horse country” appeal and acre plus zoning. Ebeneezer will be the beginning of the end of what makes Milton so sought after.
  554. We moved to Milton because of the rural feel and the feeling of a small town community. There has been so much development, traffic, destruction of our land and we are turning into any other over developed, over crowded cities.  We are losing our unique, rural community feeling and we certainly aren’t keeping the promise of Milton being green or rural any longer.
  555. We moved to Milton because there was no cluster housing. Keep Milton the way that it is now, beautiful and unique!
  556. We moved to Milton because we loved the beautiful landscapes, the horse farms, and the feel of a small, uncluttered city. It is so sad to see the greed that is ruining what we love.   Please don’t allow this to happen!!
  557. We moved to Milton for the rural feel and the beautiful scenery. My family are developers in Jupiter Florida and the density was 1 acre homes, then it went to 1/2 acre, then 1/4 acre now it’s 0 lot line. It has literally ruined the beauty and now the roads are overcrowded, it has become more dirty and it is not nearly appealing a place to live. It also brings a lower income feel and it will eventually not be the Milton that we all love.
  558. We moved to Milton from Alpharetta to get away from high density housing and the traffic. Milton is going to become just like Alpharetta if you allow this type of zoning.
  559. We moved to Milton in particular because of the Rural community and zoning regulations that prevented cluster housing. The rural landscape is one of the only distinguishing characteristics of which we claim in Milton. Why be like every other City? Money? Not in favor!!
  560. We moved to Milton particularly because of the uniqueness of the community . If we wanted to have cluster homes we would have moved to Windward.  Cluster homes will destroy the beauty of Milton and further add to the already growing congestion of the roadways.
  561. We moved to Milton to avoid all the cluster neighborhoods like we had in smyrna. Preserve milton!
  562. We moved to Milton to escape cluster homes and over crowded areas. Please do not allow this type of development!
  563. We need to keep more of our green space to alleviate luster housing without the proper infrastructure to support it.
  564. We need to keep the integrity of Milton rural. That is what we have fought for so long.
  565. We need to preserve our community. Houses need to stay at one acre. Just look at other areas with multi family housing.
  566. We need to protect Milton and save the area to why we moved here in the first place.
  567. We purchased in Milton more than ten years ago because of the one acre minimum! It MUST stay!
  568. We recently moved from a county that was rural, then allowed small lots,  then high density housing… In a matter of 15 years the community became unrecognizable as the once vibrant, green, healthy county…. Rather the area had the beginnings of gangs, declining education and a more transient population.  Do not let small lot housing be the start of Miltons decline!
  569. We should not allow this small of lot in AG-1 zoning.
  570. We supported Milton city when it was created to support and keep this lifestyle and prevent higher density
  571. We want to maintain the quality of life we have come to love over the past 10 years. The growth is burdening our city and not for the good. Do not put special interest and money above the people who make this community what it is.
  572. We were promised by city officials that they would PRESERVE and KEEP MILTON GREEN!!!! They have been bought off…every parcel of undeveloped land is being completely stripped of trees and packed with cluster homes.  This is completely destroying the promise of keeping Milton Green!
  573. We, resident of Milton, came to rural beautiful zone and want to preserve Milton’s character as rural. We ask to please stop this cluster housing and go away …
  574. We’re Milton residents, have been on Sable Pointe Drive for more than a decade. The clear cut area across from Cambridge High School is a nightmarish destruction of forested land.  Nothing they build there will make up for the loss of the trees.  We hate to see so much ticky-tacky come to Milton.
  575. What I see happening is the failure of the community septic and the other Milton residents having to pay for that failure in the future.
  576. What is going on? What is making us even consider high density housing in Milton!?!
  577. What is wrong with you people? This will become a cesspool worse than East Point.  I am sure you don’t want that crap and odor in your back yard.  Is there that many dollars going into your back pocket to screw over your fellow man.  You must be a Hillary supporter and not give a damn.
  578. When I voted in favor of creating the city of Milton I was also voting AGAINST the exact tactics the city council is using in favoring big developers and deep pockets over my HOME.
  579. Why are you trying so hard to go against all Milton was supposed to be. How many horse farms will be left in a few years?
  580. Why bother with planning and zoning at all. Lets just let anyone do whatever the hell they want with no regard for the outcome.  If we are going to zone and plan, stick to the plan.
  581. Why would you consider this proposed development? Do you want to live in a crowded over developed community? Have driven home from work between the hours of 4-6? Quit catering to the developers.
  582. Worried about maintenance of community septic system.
  583. Would also like to see addressed the misuse by developers when developing new neighborhoods (or acquiring existing incomplete neighborhoods) of “developer loans” to the HOA. Developers use these loans as leverage over the homeowners to get their way, i.e. threaten to call the note/loan which would result in an assessment to the homeowners. Also needs addressing is this practice by developers to make the communities private by gating them – developer can walk away from the development after full build out with no requirement to repair or replace the roads from all the construction traffic.
  584. Writing in extreme opposition of granting zoning to cluster homes and community septic. 1 acre lots are the main reason our family relocated here from an area of dunwoody that was ruined by this very issue. By granting high density zoning, the city of milton will open the door to government mandated housing projects, apartment complexes, and townhomes. Think it can’t happen here, you are uninformed and naive.Look to Roswell and dunwoody for your examples. We will not vote for ANY town council members that support this poor zoning decision. Why can’t our tone deaf town council, after many go arounds on the same issue, vote this terrible idea down and support the will of the people of milton? Do the right thing council members and say “no” to this terrible idea.
  585. You have to ask what is in it for any council member voting yes given that everyone else–staff, planning commission, and citizens–are against it.
  586. You will destroy Milton and the very reason why the citizens of Miltin moved here. Do not let this happen .
  587. Yuh